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WindNSun NK93 Prosport Blue Ripstop Nylon Stunt Kite, 93 Inches Wide
Item# 72451

Easy to assemble and fun to fly!

Straps & Line Set Included.

  • Size: 93" Wingspan
  • Sail Material: Ripstop Fabric
  • Airframe: Pultruded Carbon
  • Age Rating: 10 to Adult
  • Wind Rating: 7-18 MPH

Updated February 2021

WindNSun EZ Sport 70 Dual Control Sport Kite Blue Hexagon Nylon Kite, 70 Inches Wide
Item# 72381

Take to the skies with WindNSun innovative EZ Sport 70 assortment of dual control sport kites. These kites feature easy-to-assemble construction and high quality materials, including a fiberglass airframe and ripstop fabric for the ultimate in durability. Find your favorite open space and have an exciting dual control sport kite flying experience! With little practice, you will be able to do loops, dives and figure 8 and more.


  • Size: 70" W x 31" H
  • Sail Material: Ripstop Fabric
  • Airframe: Fiberglass
  • Age Rating: 10 to Adult
  • Wind Rating: 5-18 MPH

Updated February 2021

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