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A man and two children each holding their favorite kites

BrainStormProducts, LLC® believes in product innovation and promotes this ideology by designing kites that enhance the outdoor lifestyle and kite-flying experience, focusing on our customers. We create kites, collectibles, and outdoor decor products that are unique in appearance, capturing the imagination of both the young and the young at heart. Our kites must be easy to assemble and even easier to fly. Our desire is to create awareness that kite flying and outdoor adventuring are year round activities that can be enjoyed by all. As a company, we are always looking to grow, by filling the skies with our kites, tables with our tablecloths, and shelves with our collectibles, and by providing a healthy experience the entire family can enjoy.

Our values:


Our aim is to deliver outstanding, high-quality products.


We believe in ethical and sustainable standards.


We work tirelessly to create exciting new products.


Our team is comprised of talented individuals, who understand the value of working together and paying attention to detail.

Customer F​ocus

We consistently offer high-quality customer service.

​Business Leader

BrainStormProducts, LLC continues to lead the way in the kite industry, by producing over 14 million kites annually, in all classes of trade.

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