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TableClothPLUS will take your picnic, birthday party, or backyard barbecue to the next level. By using high-quality materials like PEVA and polyester, Tablecloth Plus fitted tablecloths offer outstanding durability and reusability. And with a wide variety of thoughtful designs, there’s an affordable option for all occasions.

TableClothPLUS is our new line of fitted tablecloths. We saw a hole in the marketplace and an immediate need for high quality, reusable tablecloths to fit standard folding tables and dining tables. With our attention to detail and our proven manufacturing techniques, TableClothPLUS are the best fitted table clothes out on the market today!

TableClothPLUS is reusable and more environmentally friendly than disposable tablecloths.


Stop using single-use plastic tablecloths and enjoy reusing TableClothPLUS products for years to come!

TableClothPLUS is durable and tough enough to stand up to any spill!


We chose high quality, extremely durable materials designed to allow our tablecloths to take spills, washing, and many re-uses like a champ!

TableClothPLUS is Machine Washable and can be used over and over again!


TableClothPLUS is machine washable! Wash on cold as needed to keep your TableClothsPLUS looking new!

TableClothPLUS is water Repellent to stand up to tough stains!


Every tablecloth designed by TableClothPLUS undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure they’re durable and safe for all occasions. We want our tablecloths to last, so you can focus on planning your next celebration.

TableClothPLUS is fade resistant and can be used over and over in full sun light.


From bright patterns to sophisticated solid colors, TableClothPLUS fitted tablecloths come in a variety of vibrant designs. And by using a dye sublimation printing method, our designs will stand the test of time.

TableClothPLUS has a strong elastic fit that cinches itself tightly around your table.


By focusing on the details and using high-quality materials, Tablecloth Plus fitted tablecloths are durable, water-resistant, and machine-washable for multiple uses all year-round.

Featured TableClothPLUS Products

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