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Looking Glass Animals Miniature Glass Collectible 4-Pack

MooMoo the Cow hates to eat vegetables. She’d rather eat chocolate cake at every meal. She loves to play board games with her friends and she also enjoys playing pranks on her fellow livestock. She thinks it’s funny to wake up early and heckle the roosters on Saturday mornings. She likes to wear a silver bell for special occasions. Her birthday is on January 30, 2009.

PorkChop the Pig loves to eat just about anything but prefers good ol’ Southern cooking. She enjoys reading fashion magazines and pretend it‘s her wearing those expensive clothes on the runways. She loves to be spontaneous and dance in the rain.  PorkChop’s favorite vacation spot is Hawaii and her favorite color is pink. Her birthday is July 2, 2009.

Lucky the Ducky likes to collect colorful umbrellas and dance in the rain. Lucky goes for walks in the park every day to get fresh air and to meet new ducks. Lucky’s favorite part of the day is bath time because he loves to splash water and blow soap bubbles. His favorite food is fish tacos with hot sauce and his birthday is July 11, 2009.

Ringo the Rooster loves to rock and roll! He stays out late every night so he rarely wakes up before 9 am. Ringo likes to wear stretch pants and sequins. He also sports a Mohawk and goatee. His favorite meal is a hamburger with fries. Ringo enjoys following rock bands around the country and going backstage after the show. His birthday is October 13, 2009.

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