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LookingGlass Collectible 4 Piece Animals Set #19 (#35019), 1in. Miniature Handblown Glass Figurine Set

LookingGlass Collectible 4 Piece Animals Set #19 (#35019), 1in. Miniature Handblown Glass Figurine Set

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Looking Glass is a highly detailed line of collectible miniature glass figurines. Each figure is handmade from 100% colored glass and has no paint or tampo printing so they will never fade.

  • Sylvester the Stallion aspires to be a famous actor. He’s working his way up in Hollywood and currently plays bit parts in action films. He enjoys kick boxing and thoroughly enjoys jumping around and bucking his heels. He’s a very proud and valiant Stallion who’s always honest and true to his word. Sylvester’s birthday is July 19, 2009.
  • Horace the Horse likes to frolic in the pasture until he’s exhausted. His energetic romps are usually followed by a nap in a haystack. His favorite sport is water polo and he likes to round up unruly cattle. Horace loves to have fun and is always the life of the party. He usually wears a cowboy hat to such occasions. His birthday is on September 23, 2009.
  • SloMo the Snail confesses to being very lazy. He often feels sluggish throughout the day. He likes to use his free time to do scrapbooking in his shell because he doesn’t like to be away from home. SloMo suffers from a fear of the outdoors and hates to travel because he never knows what to pack. SloMo was born in an Azalea bush on September 13, 2009.
  • Ismael the Snail has a sturdy shell that he hides in for protection. He is slow moving but determined to get to where he’s going. Ismael leaves a slimy trail behind him whenever he is on the move. The slime helps him glide smoothly over surfaces. Ismael’s favorite foods include soft bark, leaves, vegetables and fruit. Ismael’s birthday is June 7, 2011.

There are hundreds of different styles to choose from; collect them all. Not only are they cute and collectible but each figure has its own story-telling biography and birth date conveniently labeled on the back of the packaging.

  • GLASS FIGURINE: Our pack of 4 figurines is handcrafted making them little works of art. This set of animals is ideal as a gift, or decoration. It includes a horse, a stallion, and two vibrant colored snails
  • COLLECTIONS: Find your favorites & start collecting. We offer miniature glass figurines in a variety of themes including animals, bugs, pets, fantasy, food, ocean, jungle, reptile, seasonal & transport.
  • HAND-CRAFTED: Our miniature sculptures are hand-crafted using colorful glass rods. Glass blowers use torch working techniques to form detailed creations and create complex and intricate designs.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Handmade from 100% high-quality glass so colors will never fade. Choose from hundreds of styles. Not a toy: suitable for children ages 8 years & older.
  • WIDE VARIETY: We believe in creating unique designs made with quality materials. Perfect for playtime & collecting, discover a huge variety of kites, glass figurines, lawn ornaments & games.
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