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WindNSun SuperSize 3D Blue Dragon Nylon Kite, 76 Inches Wide

WindNSun SuperSize 3D Blue Dragon Nylon Kite, 76 Inches Wide

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Item # 72101 | UPC# 8-43258-72101-9

  • 3D KITE: Let your child enjoy his playtime with our 3D Dragon kite. Featuring fiberglass airframe & 7 to 18 mph wind speed, our kite just made your fun time more interesting.
  • FUN STYLE: Great for boys & girls, our products offer superior performance that redefines the kite-flying experience. Choose your favorite theme: dragon, butterfly, unicorn, bird, plane, shark, rainbow & more.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Featuring innovative designs in ready-to-fly configurations, our kites feature fiberglass construction, durable Ripstop Fabric, in-flight animation & stable flight. Great for the beach or park.
  • KITE TYPES: Offering creative new designs that are easier to assemble than traditional kites. Choose from gliders, nylon kites, poly kites plus accessories including kite handles, lines, reels & winders.
  • WIDE VARIETY: We believe in creating unique designs made with quality materials. Perfect for playtime & collecting, discover a huge variety of kites, glass figurines, lawn ornaments & games.
  • Size: 76" W x 74" H
  • Sail Material: Ripstop Fabric
  • Airframe: Fiberglass
  • Age Rating: 8 to Adult
  • Wind Range: 7-18 MPH
  • Item #: 8-43258-72101-9

Updated April 25, 2022
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